Jurassic PlayMat
Jurassic PlayMat
Jurassic PlayMat
Jurassic PlayMat

Jurassic PlayMat

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New from Toy Fish Factory:  

Jurassic PlayMat, (Creatures in photos not included).

What a great play mat.  Play with your toy dinosaurs, sharks, fish, frogs and all the others on the Jurassic PlayMat.

The Jurassic PlayMat is 54 inches by 54 inches.  This is a large play mat, and it folds up small for portability.  It includes the Amazon River, Atlantic Ocean, Piranha Lake and even a volcano.  Palm tree forests and beaches, where the dinosaurs wait for their prey.  The river is where the fish can also lie in wait.  This is all exciting stuff for youngsters!

Made of 600-denier, or polyester canvas, a very high grade material.  

• MOMS:  Jurassic PlayMat is your solution to all the toy dinosaurs, sharks, fish, whales, lizards, frogs, turtles and other toy animals you already have. USE THEM ALL TOGETHER with this exciting play mat.  (Creatures in photos not included).

• LARGE 54” x 54”  Room for all your creatures and multiple kids at once.  Folds up easily to take anywhere. Clear 2-sided stickers to hold down corners when needed (3 sets).

• FOLDS EASILY to 9” x 9” x 1” to take anywhere.  Made of 600-denier Heavy Duty Fabric. (Polyester Canvas).  Use on the floor or a table. 

• MULTIPLE HABITATS for realism with all your animals: Ocean, River, Lake,  Jungle, Islands, Beach, Ferns, Volcano, Lava, Waterfall, and River Rapids in vivid color and detail. Kids will love the features for focused play sessions.

• MADE BY Toy Fish Factory, maker of River Monster Collection and other exciting fish figurine collections. (Creatures in Pictures NOT included). 100% Money back guarantee no questions asked.


MOMS: Jurassic PlayMat is a solution you have been waiting for. This play mat is not the bulky carpet type play mat that you have to roll up, nor the skimpy small plastic sheet. It is 54” x 54”, that is very large compared to most play mats. Kids have room to actually stand in the ocean or jungle if they wish. The material is called 600-Denier, like backpack material. Some people call it polyester canvas.

The Jurassic PlayMat is the Holy Grail of play mats for toy dinosaurs, toy fish and other creatures. This play mat is large enough to fit all those toy animals your family is enjoying. Kids can play with their land and marine animals at the same time in a realistic format.   From T-Rex to tiger sharks to Piranhas. There is a place for all the creatures, and a place for your child to sit right on the play mat, because it is big enough. 

Be the first mom to show this off.  Pretend play will never be the same without a play mat like this. The multitude of details in full color will stimulate learning and lengthy play. See also Toy Tote and River Monster Collection from Toy Fish Factory. We know you want quality. That is how we design our products.