“If there was a better gift for my grandson, I don’t know what it would be.  He just turned 7, and I think this gift got him more satisfaction than any birthday gift I have given him. I judge this by excitement, smiles and the fact that he needs it with him all the time.” 

- Grandma Lauren, November 2018


“Our family likes to fish, watch fishing TV shows. River Monster Collection is perfect. Great idea. I see there will be 18 more sets. My kids can’t wait!” 

- Michelle in Wisconsin, January 2019


“Santa came and the stocking gift of River Monster Collection that my two sons each received was the biggest hit in years. Thank you.” 

- Martha in Arkansas, January 2019


“I would have never believed a 6 year old kid could get so excited and possessive about 5 fish in a box. Well done Toy Fish Factory!”  

- Bill in Illinois, December 2018


“My son wanted a toy piranha, thank god we found River Monster Collection. What he did not realize is that he also wanted a Snakehead, Goonch Catfish, Tigerfish and Arapaima. One happy little boy.” 

- Mollie in Texas, December 2018


“River Monster Collection has been the best way to get my 5 year old to take a bath. He loves to play with the fish in the bathtub. I bought American Angler Collection as well to have on reserve when I may need it.”  

- Kim in Texas, December 2018


“My son got River Monster Collection for a birthday gift. We had no idea that it existed. We are all fans of River Monsters. Thank you for something creative like this.” 

- Ann in Colorado December 2018


Our family really liked your River Monster Collection, so we bought American Angler Collection as well. Love them both. Can’t wait for the next sets to come out.” 

- Tim, November 2018


“River Monster Collection is a first rate toy. The fish bend and the case is really well made. Both my sons 7 and 3 years old, love these fish. Thanks!” 

- Jennifer in CA, November 2018


“If people could see the smiles of happiness and excitement of my 4 year old, they would all smile too. What a unique product. He carries it everywhere he goes.” 

- Christine in Missouri October 2018


“My 8 year old son absolutely loves River Monster Collection. He plays with them constantly. His friends love them too, so next birthday party he will be giving River Monster Collection. Thanks for such a great product.” 

- Sue in Florida, September 2018


“I wish I had known earlier that my 9 year old nephew liked something like this. He apparently knows all these fish from the River Monsters TV program. He was so excited when he opened this gift for his birthday in July.” 

- Travis in Texas, August 2018