Wholesale orders are welcome, and pricing is what you see on this site for the price per case of 24, or for a Carton which is two cases.  Carton price is lower than case price per unit by $.50 per set. All wholesale orders must be in case or carton quantities.  One case equals 24 fish sets (24 tackle boxes of 5 fish).  Wholesale orders ship in 1 to 3 business days, from our warehouse in Colorado.   You may purchase online via this site.  If needed you can request a Federal W9 form via sales@toyfishfactory.com

Toy Fish Factory does not use credit, and therefore we do not offer payment terms such as net 30.  Orders must be paid for before shipment.  The best way in this case for your business to get a net 30 is to use the terms of your company's credit card.   This will allow you to have a 30 day net and this method simplifies our end of the deal, which keeps our costs down.  If a company card is not available a check is fine.  However, we request the check before sending the goods, as then we would be in the net 30 situation again.  Thank You.