Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fish made of?   Durable, bendable plastic that meets all toy regulations, including paint, for the USA and EU.

How big are the fish?  The fish are approximately 3" long.  The box is 7" x 4" x 1"

Can I tell my friends about them and post pictures on social media in a positive manner?  Yes, we welcome positive feedback on our products.  

Do you offer affiliate marketing?  Yes, for Amazon Associates, please go ahead.  You will get 45 cents per box for River Monster.

Do we make other fish not listed here in these collections that are for sale?  No.  What you see on this site is what we have, and have coming in the future is shown.

Can I buy just one fish?  No.

Can I resell these sets in my store?  Yes, see the wholesale tab below.

Do the fish sink or float?  They sink.

Do kids love these?  It is unbelievable how much young kids like these.

When will the next sets be available, the ones that say 2018?  Probably September 2018.

How much is the shipping cost?  Shipping is calculated by weight to your location and the cost is USPS rates.

Can we suggest fish we would like to see?  Yes, email

Some fish look more realistic than others, is it possible to make them look more real?  

    Yes we are trying, it is very difficult to take a prototype realistic paint scheme to mass production and keep costs down.  As our  manufacturing people get better at learning what we want, we expect our realism to improve.  In reality some fish are plain and easy to paint, others are flashy and hard to mimic with paint.  In the meantime, youngsters will enjoy some of the amazing species that we have created.  Kids that have watched the fishing shows will recognize them immediately.